OPC Media Recommends the following talented artists.


 Stuart Wood - Exclusive Wedding Photography


Stuart is celebrated as one of the UK's top wedding photographers, which means your memories are in expert hands.With years of experience shooting at the highest level for TV & some of the biggest magazines, Stuart's relaxed Fun, Romantic & Editorial style along with his signature high end lighting techniques offers somerthing very distinctive for the more descerning client.

Beth Harrison - Graphic Design

Beth has a love of travel and exploring and these traits correlate to her artwork, whether it’s learning to spot weld to create a life-size horse sculpture, spray painting an 8ft peace sign or getting lost in creating graphic design artwork, Beth has a burning desire to create and work across multiple-disciplines.

Beth's biggest influence has been the surrealist art movement and the combination of the kitsch, fun and physiological nature of artist such as Mr Salvador Dali. Her artwork will often incorporate a surrealist atmosphere with the inclusion of subtle references or meanings hidden behind bold aesthetics.

Originally from the UK, she studied art to degree level and has been ‘on the road’ for the past six years. Beth has been involved in graphic design for corporate communications teams and has been learning about strategy in design, which has opened up another facet of the creative industry.

Beth is constantly developing her skills, learning and looking for more creative challenges.

Dario Ferro - Photography

Dario was born and raised in the quaint yet beautiful village of Santa Maria di Castellebate in Italy. He spent his early years exploring the surrounding area, finding mesmerizing locations and scenery for a bit of peace and relaxation amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Dario Ferro photography was established in 2014 and specializes in wedding and event photography. Dario has an amazing, natural talent in finding the best shots and intimate moments that make you stand back and go ‘wow’.





Sylvan Hack is a creative artist based in London. Shrouded in mystery working under an alias persona, in which, he or she is typically described as a master illustrator.

Sylvan Hack's range of work covers story boarding, graphic and character design as well as album covers and street art. A diverse artist that even designed our very own OPC Media company logo.

The ability to design whatever you ask with a style that is true to the artist is a rare commodity in todays market and we are lucky enough to be associated with Sylvan Hack.

Fire and Ice PODCAST

Fire and Ice is a topical events podcast exploring the ins and outs of the world we live in. Talking to people of great talent and insight to encourage others to look outside the box.

Fire and Ice want to inspire you to take a chance. These guys are on a journey to discover what is important to them and find out the answer to the all-important question; "What the hell is going on?"